Is This Odor that is embarrassing Normal Older Ladies?

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I’m a 64-year-old girl, and I also have actually two problems. After orgasm, my clitoris is hypersensitive, and I also can’t stay become moved for a long time. It isn’t a brand new issue, however it’s even worse given that I’m older.

We additionally have actually an smell issue: Oral sex and manual stimulation that is clitoral to be my favorites, nevertheless now feminine smell — which my gynecologist claims is normal — has me personally too embarrassed to also engage after all.

My gynecologist states that the normal modifications after menopause cause changes in pH that result in smell. She reassures me personally that we don’t have contamination. We haven’t experienced a relationship for more than per year because I’m so embarrassed concerning the unpleasant improvement in my vaginal odor. Oral sex is no more an option. And exactly why would anybody place their arms in there? Just exactly exactly What am asian brides mail order I designed to say? “Don’t touch me here!”

For the smell issue, I’m now attempting a gel that is vaginal RepHresh that eliminates smell for 3 days at any given time. It is working to date. Can there be other things you suggest? —Embarrassed

Let’s address the easy concern first: It’s common for a female never to desire her clitoris touched immediately after orgasm. You are suggested by me release objectives you need to get ready to get once again straight away and, alternatively, bask into the afterglow. Most of us require data recovery duration before we want more stimulation. You connected without direct stimulation to your already happy clitoris when you’re with a partner, cuddling, sweet talk and attending to your partner’s body or your own can keep.